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How a linear optical axis works, and what it is used for?

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What a linear optical axis is, how it works, and what it is used for, maybe people who are not in the industry are not very clear. So let's take a look.

Before we get to know the usage of an optical axis, let's talk about what are optical axis, centerline of light beam(column), or symmetry axis of optical system. When the beam rotates around this axis, the optical properties would not have any changes. However, no birefringence occurs when a light passes through a heterogeneous gemstone from a particular direction. The particular direction is the optical axis of the gemstone.

Moreover, there are many types of optical axes. According to their usage, the optical axes can be divided into many types. The types of linear optical axis include: ordinary linear optical axis, chrome-plated linear optical axis, chrome-plated linear flexible axis, stainless steel linear axis and chrome-plated hollow axis. Resistance cutting machine, aviation equipment, production line, high-speed ball, drilling equipment, aeronautical equipment, etc.

For the usage of the optical axis, it is mainly used in aerospace, aeronautical optical system. Because air traffic has no fixed orbit, it is much more difficult to operate than land transportation. Aviation has very high demand for the accuracy of the equipment, so it will use the latest, cutting-edge equipment and instrument, including optical axis. The optical axis is one of the indispensable accessories for simplifying and facilitating the operation.

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