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Linear Guide

Linear guide rail movement is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction of the reciprocating linear movement.

Ningbo Anda Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd  can produce CNC Linear Guide, and export to countries like Russia, USA, Poland, India, etc. With equipment and machine imported from Taiwan and Germany, the quality is good and our products occupy a large share and enjoy high popularity in domestic and the whole world.

1. Product introduction

Linear guide rail movement is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to the given direction of the reciprocating linear movement. Linear guide can be divided into three kinds: roller linear guide, cylindrical linear guide, ball linear guide. It is used for high precision or high-speed linear reciprocating motion, and can b ear a certain torque, can achieve high precision linear motion under high load.

2. Product specification

For CNC Linear Guide, ANDA factory now have HGH, HGW, EGH, EGW, MGN, MGW series. The mostly widely use type is HGH and HGW, which is heavy-duty linear guide. The block bearings have square block, flange block, and lengthen type block. EGH and EGW is low assembly linear guide, which means the total height of linear guide and block bearing is lower than normal linear guide and block bearing. MGN and MGW is miniature linear guide, the width and height are small, so can use in small precision machines which only have limited space.





3. Product feature and application

Linear guide is mainly used in automatic machinery, like machine tools imported from Germany, bending machine, laser welding machine and so on. Linear guide rail is mainly used in the mechanical structure with high accuracy requirements. There is no intermediate medium between the moving element and the fixed element of linear guide, but the rolling steel ball is used.

CNC Linear Guide

CNC Linear Guide
CNC Linear Guide

4. Product details

Product Name

CNC Linear Guide

Apply for

CNC machines

HGH series item

HGH15, HGH20, HGH25, HGH30, HGH35, HGH45, HGH55, HGH65

HGW series item

HGW15, HGW20, HGW25, HGW30, HGW35, HGW45, HGW55, HGW65

EGH series item

EGH15, EGH20, EGH25, EGH30

EGW series item

EGW15, EGW20, EGW25, EGW30

MGH series item

MGN5, MGN7, MGN9, MGN12, MGN15

MGW series item

MGW5, MGW7, MGW9, MGW12, MGW15


Bearing steel

5. Product qualification

ANDA linear guide is producing according to Taiwan standard, the material is bearing steel. The hardness can be 60 to 62 HRC. We have hardness test machine, straightening machine, gradienter to check quality before goods send out. We offer one year quality guarantee.

6. Delivery, shipping and serving

Our factory has mass stock of linear guide and block bearings. So, we can ship normal orders quickly, usually 3-10 days. For orders with many items and quantity, please confirm with us for check the stock and lead time. We can take photos and videos if customers have needs. We have various of shipment methods such as by sea, by air, by express or by truck.



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