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The company fully implements 5S management

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In order to cooperate with the culture construction work, further improve the overall appearance of the company, and improve the overall production management level, the company decided to fully implement 5S activity. 5S activity is the most basic production management activity. As the saying goes “great oaks from little acorns grow”, only we lay a solid foundation for our business, the company can achieve further development. At present, we have established a good site management foundation. The promotion of 5S activity will further improve our work, promote the improvement of work efficiency, quality, safe and civilized production, and our staff's spirits. We will strive to provide our customers with more superior and professional services.

Starting in June 2019, our managers at all levels have actively participated in the company’s "5S Site Management" training class, and have gradually carried out this work in accordance with the company's plan. In this year, all of us will actively participate in the company's active innovation, and we look forward to continuous improvement in various work.

"Farewell to yesterday, challenge ourselves and create a new corporate image" is our policy for implementing 5S activities, and it is also where all our employees actively learn and master the essence of 5S management. By actively participating in 5S promotion activities, we will create a vibrant work site. Promoting the improvement of various tasks is also an important task in the construction of corporate culture.

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